Frequently Asked Questions

Each container home needs support for the four corners. Foundation points have integrated steel plates that are welded to the containers base when they arrive to site. Foundation requirements might be slightly different depending on local soil conditions and council requirements. This is the same as normal house foundations and there is no danger of them moving.

Each new architecturally designed container home is built to the highest quality standards onsite at our construction yard in Southern Tasmania. Due to the unique design we can ship the completed product anywhere in Australia without the need for wide load permits or the like. The process starts with sourcing ‘single use’ containers that pass our quality tests to ensure we know its history. Door, window and any other openings are then cut and steel reinforcement is installed as per engineering requirements. The containers are then given a new coat of paint. Windows and doors are then installed. Work then moves to the inside. Stud walls are installed and services – plumbing, electrical and gas placed within the walls. Insulation is then placed in all walls, the internal roof cavity and under the container floor. Finally wall & roof panels are installed and the interior fit-out commences – Bathroom, bedrooms kitchen etc. Once the are completed the final step is internal painting the installation of flooring and finally install of the supplied whitewoods. The house are then ready to ship to site.

Yes white goods are included in the price and include 2x 110 litre bar fridges, oven, cooktop and rangehood, dishwasher, washing machine and flat panel television.

We can install solar as part of the build and would recommend its use due to the exceptional energy rating of the finished containers. We find that electricity used to heat and cool containers is minimal.

Each container home comes completely ready to be ‘plugged in’ to services like water, sewerage, electricity and other plumbing in the exact same way a traditionally built house would have once it arrives to site.

After we receive the initial deposit it generally takes 8 – 10 weeks to build the 95% finished container. It normally takes another 1-2 weeks to complete the dwelling once it is delivered to site.

Our container homes need to comply with any relevant local building codes and zoning requirements. If there is anything that is specifically required for your area we can help you to address it. Our homes have never had an issue with passing any council/zoning requirements.

Due to the excellent insulation properties of the finished product we find that we only need 3 small panel heaters to heat and a single reverse cycle air conditioner to cool. There is also great cross flow ventilation due to the thoughtful placement of the numerous opening windows.
Delivery costs vary depending on location of your site and will be quoted on a case by case basis. Set up ‘onsite’ can be organised for an additional cost but we provide a comprehensive set of instruction that can be completed by any qualified builder and trades people if you were to want to organise this yourself. We also offer guidelines based on previous builds on how long each of the set up steps should take trades to complete so you can estimate an indicative cost if you want to organise trades yourself.
Yes they are mobile and can be moved pretty much anywhere. Due to their design and construction they can be transported by road or rail without the need for any special permits or wide load documentation.
Although we do not finance them directly we can direct you to finance partners we recommend that specialise in the specific finance of prebuilt modular shipping container homes.