Are you searching for a space of your own? Wish you had just a little more room at your house? Or a space for guests to comfortably stay overnight? Maybe you are thinking about offering a vacation rental on your property? Or you are ready to transition to the “small house” life.

We’ve got you covered! Literally.

Shipping containers can be modified into wide variety of small house layouts at attractive prices.
Layouts can accommodate singles, couples or families. Other uses for customised container buildings include hunting/fishing cabin, guest housing, “man cave”, yoga/artist studio, massage therapy studio, office, dorm room, store/retail space, professional kitchen, shower house, and commercial restroom.

To personalise your home, you can choose the roofing material, flooring, cabinets, bathrooms, countertops, and more.

The list of uses for these shipping container buildings is extensive. There is a plan for everyone. Whether you like to hang out in the woods, want a portable studio or a workshop, or want to work from an office in the backyard, there is a design for what you want at a price you can afford.