Affordable Housing – Are Container Homes a Solution?

If you’re here, you’re probably exploring housing solutions that don’t break the bank but still offer durability, functionality, and a touch of style. And that’s where we step in. We’re passionate about turning steel shipping containers into homes that are not only affordable but also eco-friendly, efficient, and absolutely beautiful.

An Economical Alternative

We firmly believe everyone deserves a home they can be proud of, and high costs shouldn’t be a barrier. That’s where container homes shine. The conversion of a used shipping container into a stylish, comfortable living space costs less than traditional house-building methods and is far quicker, reducing the risk of material price increases or your builder going bust. You’re not sacrificing comfort for cost, though. We work meticulously to ensure that every container home we design and build offers a living experience that is every bit as comfortable and satisfying as traditional housing – and often more so!

The Green Option

In addition to being cost-effective, container homes are a sustainable housing option. Every shipping container we repurpose prevents around 7,700 pounds of steel from ending up in a landfill or sitting abandoned on a farm somewhere . It’s about reducing waste and promoting sustainable practices while providing you with a home that’s both environmentally friendly and stylish. In a world increasingly concerned about sustainability, a container home is a statement of your commitment to a greener future.

Customisable & Unique

One of the exciting aspects of container homes is the degree of customisation they offer. Whether you’re seeking a compact, minimalistic style or want to include all the luxurious amenities of a traditional home, the choice is yours. You can choose to keep the rustic charm of the exposed steel walls or opt for a more traditional interior design. No two container homes are the same, reflecting the unique personality of their owners.

Efficient & Durable

Container homes are not only affordable but also durable and efficient. Made from weathering steel (also known as corten steel), shipping containers are designed to withstand harsh marine environments, meaning they’re incredibly tough. Also, with proper insulation techniques, these homes can become remarkably energy-efficient, keeping you comfortable while reducing your carbon footprint.

A Community Experience

Choosing a container home doesn’t mean you’re going it alone. We pride ourselves on creating a community of container home owners. Whether you’re looking for advice on customisation, have queries about maintenance, or just want to share your container home experience, we’re here for you. And so is a vibrant, supportive network of people who’ve made the same choice.

Thank you for considering our affordable housing options. We are excited to guide you on this journey towards sustainable, affordable, and stylish living. We invite you to explore our site further to see the range of container homes we’ve created and to get in touch with any questions or ideas you might have. Together, we can create a home that suits your lifestyle and budget, all while making a positive impact on our planet.



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