5 Reasons You Should Build Your Next Home With Containered


The housing market in Australia in 2023 has seen some of the most significant price increases in history, making it more difficult for people to find the home of their dreams within their budget. Many are looking for alternative building options to find the right fit for their needs. Alternative building options such as homes built from shipping containers have become popular due to their modular design, eco-friendliness, eco-friendliness pricing than traditional homes.


While shipping containers may not be a conventional option that first comes to mind, these metal boxes have many benefits besides storing items for transportation. We’ve compiled a list of 5 reasons your next home should be built using Containered.


Cost Savings


With materials such as wood surging in cost due to lack of supply, homes built using containers require fewer materials as they are essentially pre-made and rely on the steel frame for support. The main changes to the container are cutting out the spaces for doors, windows or adjoining multiple containers.


With less reliance on materials, you can keep costs down, helping you build your home on a budget that’s realistic to your finances. 


More Environmentally Friendly


Since shipping container homes use steel containers, there are little to no extra resources needed to build the house, making it much more environmentally friendly and carbon-neutral than traditional home building materials. These homes can also be placed on a variety of land slopes allowing the home to be built with minimal disturbance to the surrounding environment. For eco-centred people, these homes can help you find the perfect balance of having a living space that fits your needs without interrupting local flora and fauna. 


Strength and Longevity


Shipping Containers were built to withstand a lot while keeping their contents safe during travel. Utilising them as the core structure for your home means you’ll have a durable shell with minimal maintenance for years to come. Since these containers are designed to deal with the harshest elements on the oceans, they typically provide a surplus of protection from the weather on land. With minimal cuts made into the container, the structural integrity promises decades of support for you and your loved ones. 


Faster Turnaround


Traditional homes can take six months or more to complete depending on the size and materials used. Adding on typical delays in construction, this can blow out even longer. With Containered homes, the standard build process takes around ten weeks making your entire home ready to move into within two months. Since shipping containers were meant to be transported, they are the perfect size to move and don’t require oversized vehicles, saving you time and money during transportation to your lot.


Built Off-Site


Containered allows you to build in remote locations that traditionally would be too difficult for traditional homes as our homes are manufactured off-site. Once your home has completed manufacturing, it’s then delivered and installed to your foundation, meaning there’s no need to hire crews to remote locations. There are significant site savings outside of transportation and minimal land preparation as no additional resources are needed at your block.


If you’re looking for a unique home that will offer you savings, an eco-friendly lifestyle and the ability to build anywhere, take a look at the home options we have at Containered. With layouts consisting of one, two and four bedrooms, we have the perfect home that will fit your needs. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our home options.